What is Cuddly?
Modular jewellery? Innovative jewellery?
Cuddly aims to be much more than just that. Cuddly aims to revolutionise the very concept of jewellery.

The word "jewellery" has always been associated with a wearable accessory, coming in the form of rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces. These fine, precious shapes are designed and built in different ways to suit different needs. Yet, except in few cases, there is no modular system that allows the wearer to change these shapes as desired.

Cuddly aims to be much more than this. Cuddly aims to be the jewellery you can you create and recreate whenever you want!

With national and international patents pending, Cuddly's innovative system features individual modular elements that can be easily linked together, pulled apart and recreated as desired at any time.

They come in various shapes and sizes, which can be used to create different pieces of jewellery depending on how many pieces you have: a pair of earrings, a bracelet made up of Cuddly links alone or including a cord, as in our "sporty-chic" Jack Collection.

The more Cuddly links you have, the longer your creations: you can make necklaces and, why not, even belts or entire jewellery sets. Be inspired by your creativity to suit your own style and mood!

Cuddly is THE JEWELLERY that YOU can easily create and recreate any time you want, the way you want.



Cuddly is synonymous with tenderness and fondness. And this is exactly what Cuddly pieces aim to convey as they hug each other to create and recreate your own, customised jewellery.

This new products and brand were inspired by nature.
Dandelion flowers, which turn from yellow to white and puffy, are a symbol of our brand because it has plenty of similarities with Cuddly jewellery.

Their flexible, adaptable stem evokes the high quality steel that Cuddly links are made of. This steel features an excellent elasticity index, which makes Cuddly pieces very flexible and easy to link without deforming them.

The metamorphosis process - which is far more common than you might think in both the plant and the animal world - is reflected in Cuddly's innovative modularity, which makes a pair of earrings into a bracelet, or multiple bracelets into a necklace and so on, depending on how many Cuddly links you have.

White dandelion puffs evoke something soft and fluffy, just like the brand name who have chosen for this new product.

How many of you have ever made a wish before blowing off the fluffy seeds of a dandelion? Some of those seeds have been carried away by the wind, while others have fallen into the surrounding ground, or got stuck between the branches and leaves of a tree.

In one way or another, each of us has attached a wish to those seeds, which later fell somewhere else, creating unexpected links. Similarly, your Cuddly were made to be pieced together: whether you have one or many, you can combine them the way you like into unique creations. The choice is yours: feel free to create new and unique pieces.

More than a jewel.
More than ONE jewel.

The innovative technology behind Cuddly products is the result of R&D activities that focused on three main areas:

- Material: it needs to feature excellent elasticity to prevent deformation;

- Design:

  •          lightweight, streamlined shapes, featuring great attention to detail, so much that the slot created for connecting the links is invisible;
  •          the links have been designed to make it possible to create and recreate jewellery at any time, playing with different shapes;

- Modularity: while other products in the market need to be placed "slot against slot" in order to be engaged or disengaged, Cuddly pieces can be linked together from any point, without using any complex connection systems.

So what is so revolutionary about Cuddly links compared to other existing, excellent products?

They are extremely easy and quick to link.
They feature hidden slots, which makes Cuddly jewellery incredibly elegant, refined and light to wear. 

This is a short video demonstration of how you can easily and quickly create and re-create your Cuddly jewellery.

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